Sunday, 25 September 2016

Inquisitor by Mitchell Hogan

To Inquisitor Angel Xia, it was just another corporate killing on a backwater planet. But as the bodies begin to pile up and she finds herself a target, she realizes she’s stepped on one toe too many.

Barely escaping attempts on her life by powerful agents with seemingly limitless reach and influence, Angel senses even her co-Inquisitors can’t be trusted. But as the web tightens, she receives a cryptic message from a computer program claiming to be a little girl in desperate need of her help. She insists she’s being held prisoner by a major corporation, but is this just a trap to silence Angel…permanently?

Now a fugitive with her life inextricably linked to the girl in the program, Angel is taken to extremes she never knew she was capable of, and to forgotten places at the edges of known space that hold the darkest secrets of humanity, and the greatest threat to its future.

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99 CENTS: Matt Vol I by Ahmad Ardalan

"Matt Vol I" is the beginning of a short novella series.

"They murdered my wife two years ago...
Tonight, you die.
I am Matt, your nightmare!"

On a quiet night like any other, Matt, a successful entrepreneur, returns home to his gorgeous villa, only to find his wife brutally murdered. A soft verdict against the culprits, a gang of violent teenagers, spins Matt's relatively calm and collected demeanor into something far more sinister. In a manic rage, he seeks vengeance for what has been stolen from him, and he lashes out against the weak system. Sleepless, lonely, tormented nights torture him, filling his head and his heart with frustration, hate, and anger, unleashing an entirely different side of the man--a monster even he did not know existed within him. From Berlin to Rome to Paris, the great cities of the world suffer in the wake of his wrath, as brutal, barbaric killings seem to be the only temporary antidote for his fuming, blood-boiling rage. His victims, so easily deprived of life, seem to be the only cure, the only way to soothe his yearning for revenge, or are they?


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99 CENTS: Gretel by Christopher Coleman

There is an ancient evil in the Back Country, dormant for centuries but now hungry and lurking. When it sets its sights on an unsuspecting mother one routine morning along an isolated stretch of highway, a quiet farming family is suddenly thrust into a world of unspeakable terror, and a young girl must learn to be a hero.


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FREE: Murder in Adland by Bruce Beckham

Meet maverick British detective DI Skelgill - mad, bad and just a little bit cozy - book #1 in series of 7 murder mysteries.


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FREE : Surviving The Evacuation by Frank Tayell

The world we know came to an end with a broadcast from a shopping mall in New York. People were attacked, infected and died. Then they came back. No one is safe from the undead.

As nations fell, as anarchy and civil war took grip across the globe, Britain was quarantined. The press was nationalised. The phone networks were blocked. Martial law, curfews, rationing, it wasn't enough. An evacuation was planned. Everyone had to leave the inland towns, cities and villages and head to one of the defensive enclaves being established around the coast.

Bill Wright broke his leg on the day of the outbreak. His only contacts with the outside world are Jennifer Masterton MP, now a Minister in the Emergency Cabinet, and Sholto, a political fixer from the US who is tracking the outbreak. Unable to join the evacuation, Bill watched from his window as the streets filled with refugees, he watched as the streets emptied once more. He watched as they filled up again, this time with the undead. Then the power went out.

His is trapped. He is alone. He is running out of food and water. He knows that to reach the safety of the enclaves he will have to venture out into the wasteland that once was England. On that journey he will ultimately discover an horrific truth.

This is the first volume of his journal. The second volume, Wasteland, and the final volume, Family, are out now.

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FREE : White Jade (The PROJECT) by Alex Lukeman

WHITE JADE spins a web of deceit and murder across the globe, against the backdrop of a deadly international power game.

Former Recon Marine Nick Carter is a man with a dark history of emotional and physical scars. He works for the PROJECT, a covert counter-terrorism unit reporting to the President. Selena Connor is a beautiful, strong and skilled linguist. When her wealthy uncle is murdered by someone looking for an ancient book about the elixir of immortality, she's thrown into Nick's dangerous world.

Nick is assigned to protect Selena and help her recover the missing text. It's the beginning of a life and death adventure reaching from San Francisco to Beijing, from Washington to the hidden chambers of Tibet. Someone is determined to take over China and attack America--and Nick and Selena are right in the line of fire.

International intrigue, terrorist acts and the threat of nuclear war form the core of this fast-paced thriller, the first volume in a series featuring Nick, Selena and the PROJECT.

For a fun book trailer, visit YouTube at

Book Two, The Lance; Book Three, The Seventh Pillar; and Book Four, Black Harvest are also available on Amazon.

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The House by P.M. Prior

It was meant to be a place of safety. Their home. Her sanctuary.

When Prue Bridgewater first glimpses the abandoned old house, it's love at first sight. Her husband Ray is not so sure.

The property has been neglected for decades, and Ray can’t help wondering why. But with Prue on the brink of a nervous breakdown, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her sane, even if it means he has to live there.

Once ensconced in their new home, Prue begins fixing up the place while Ray is away at work. And then a series of disturbing discoveries makes her fear she's losing her mind.

She hears things and sees people who couldn’t possibly be there, and she can’t shake the feeling she’s being watched.

As Prue’s hold on reality begins to disintegrate, along with her marriage, she struggles to tell truth from delusion. But things go from bad to worse, and soon not just her sanity, but her survival hinges upon the long-buried secrets of THE HOUSE.

This is a novella of approximately 27,287 words

(USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, India, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands)

Saturday, 24 September 2016

99 CENTS: The Attic by Derek Prior

It was the place they stored the junk no one wanted anymore: discarded toys, baby clothes, and ancient secrets from forgotten generations.

But when contagion turns Wesley Harding’s world insane, and horror enters his home, the attic is the last place left to hide.

At nine years old, he finds himself alone in the dark, amid heaped-up piles of the familiar and the unknown.

Gunshots and howls punctuate the thunderstorm outside. Crashes and groans come from below.

There isn’t much time, and Wesley must uncover the secrets of the attic, if he is to survive the night.


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FREE: Blast of the Dragon's Fury by L.R.W. Lee

Winner of the Readers' Favorite 5 Star Award!

Ten-year-old Andy Smithson believes he is merely a kid too often in trouble with his overambitious parents--until his destiny as the Chosen One to break a 500-year-old curse is revealed. Swept away to the land of Oomaldee of medieval times, he discovers he must collect several ingredients for a magic potion to defeat the oppressive curse that plagues the land, the first of which is the scale of a red dragon, the fiercest of all dragon species. There's just one tiny problem, he's never battled dragons, except in his Dragon Slayer video game. Armed with only his wits, an ancient sword and a magic key, he must overcome grave peril at every turn before he can even attempt the feat. No pressure, but it's his skill alone that will save - or condemn - the kingdom forever. 

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FREE: A Date with Fate by Tracy Ellen

A dangerously exciting and hilarious weekend romp. Anabel is smart, sexy bookstore owner. She's also a control enthusiast with rules for everything concerning men. Can the new man in town, the darkly seductive Luke Drake, win over Anabel? *Hundreds of rave reviews!*


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FREE: Rebels by Scott and Judith Powell

Completed Series:

The world is on fire. From the ashes like a phoenix rises a new America, one that will save it all. Under one condition; absolute and complete surrender.
The world complies without question. Those who don’t are destroyed. It is in this world, John is born. His very name is treason.

If the New America, now known to everyone as the State, knew what John was, they’d kill him, but instead they give him a gift.

1. Rebels
2. Rebellion
3. Revolution 

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99 CENTS: Innocent in Las Vegas by A.R. Winters

A Laugh-Out-Loud Cupcakes and Crime Caper
"I tell myself every day that I don't hate my job. It doesn't pay as much as stripping or being a cocktail waitress, but I get to wear more clothes... But there's a reason I'm trying to leave the madness of the casino pit to become a Private Investigator..."

Cupcake-loving croupier Tiffany Black is determined to leave her job at the casino for good. She's one small step away from acquiring her Private Investigator license, and has her eye on the prize.

Accepting her first real case - investigating the murder of casino-mogul Ethan Becker - should be exciting. Instead, things spiral out of control and Tiffany finds herself in over her head, as she confronts secretive suspects, corrupt casino henchmen and her mysterious, ex-Special Forces bodyguard.

Tiffany's poker-hustling Nanna and pushy parents want her to find a nice man and settle down, but Tiffany just wants to track down the real murderer before he finds her first...

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99 CENTS: Nine Days In Greece by Kristie Dickinson

Katie, a workaholic attorney, travels alone to the exotic island of Crete for a vacation adventure. On the plane she is seated next to a handsome but much younger Greek man that changes her trip. Although she instantly feels a spark that she tries to ignore, she is surprised when he seems to be interested in her. Could he be more than a vacation fling? Follow their journey as they explore their passion across continents.

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99 CENTS: The Cave Maze by C.A.A. Allen

He was only eight when a bloodied sorcerer tutored him on the perils of questing in the Cave Maze...
...The craving to enter has tormented ever since.

The Wizard Talhoffer stocked the underground labyrinth with a murderous assortment of beasts, traps, gold, and personal magic items worth dying for. And treasure hunters did die for them.

Not Raff Jenkins. He planned to survive.

After losing the scholarship for the questing university, sword whiz Raff takes drastic measures to earn tuition. With the help of his hustling cousin Dread and a party of rag-tag locals…he heads into the maze as a newbie. What he discovers inside is more than just treasure, bloodthirsty hags, or crotch-masticating hellhounds – he learns that a link to his past is tied to the fate of his kingdom.

Will he return in time to pay off the death-threats awaiting him at home? Will he return at all?

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Friday, 23 September 2016

99 CENTS: Happiness Bubbles by Adam K. Dean

Discover happiness and how to lead a happy life through these simple practical steps.

Do you want to be happy but not sure how to change your life to achieve happiness?
Do you ever find that you are leading your life trying to be happy but never quite there?
Well, you’re just like most people! The problem isn’t that you can’t be happy, it’s just that you haven’t got a singular approach to happiness. And that's where Happiness Bubbles comes in.

The concept of Happiness Bubbles is a simple one: Give of yourself and happiness will come back to you. Using an approach focused on getting happiness through others, Happiness Bubbles gives you ten steps to embed happiness in your everyday life. This book will show you how to apply the transformative power of giving in order to achieve happiness. Applying this approach to your busy life in a practical way will help you to understand what happiness is and find your own unique approach to living a happy life.

In this book you will discover:
  • More than ten real and proven approaches to happiness

  • Practical examples and case studies of how real people have used these approaches

  • A clear approach to help you to use these methods

  • Immediate suggestions that can be put into action

There are ten steps outlined in this book:
  1. Happiness Bubble 1: How the simple act of saying "thank you" can lead to happiness

  2. Happiness Bubble 2: How to focus your lives on others to receive gratitude

  3. Happiness Bubble 3: Being grateful for happiness and who you are

  4. Happiness Bubble 4: How simple acts of kindness can help happiness to boomerang right back to you

  5. Happiness Bubble 5: Why volunteering will make you happy

  6. Happiness Bubble 6: How to provide mentorship to give others the experience of your life

  7. Happiness Bubble 7: How to give to yourself

  8. Happiness Bubble 8: Passing it forward so that others realise their own happiness.

  9. Happiness Bubble 9: Become the friend that everyone wants

  10. Happiness Bubble 10: Live a life of happy altruism

This book unveils these ten simple truths that everyone can use to begin enjoying happiness in a selfless way. Happiness Bubbles is not a quick set of happiness hacks. This is a practical way to lead a happier life. The approach will guide you to easily approach your life with small changes helping you to unlock huge waves of happiness.

Make your life a happy life and buy Happiness Bubbles today!


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FREE : The Privateersman by Andrew Wareham


Escaping the hangman’s noose in England, commoner Tom Andrews finds himself aboard a privateering ship before fleeing to New York at the time of the Revolutionary War. It is a corrupt place where opportunities abound for the unscrupulous. Betrayal forces a hurried return to England where he and business partner Joseph Star, a half Carib freed slave, ruthlessly chase riches in the early industrial boom, investing in iron, mines and cotton. But will Tom’s phenomenal luck desert him as he seeks social standing and lasting affection?

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